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Greetings Colbert Super PAC Members, Elite Members, Diamond Members, and Admiral-Level Human Wallets!

You are receiving this first regular update because you are one of the heroes with the balls to become a member of Colbert Super Pac. These are exciting times. Colbert Super PAC has been hailed in the national press as everything from "legal" to "dangerous." Your voice is being heard and I want to continue to hear from you!

So here's the latest on what Colbert Super Pac is up to. Soon we'll release our first TV commercial, and send Washington a strong message: "We can afford a commercial." And that's just the beginning of the commercial. There will be twenty-six more seconds in it, chock-full of other messages.

And let's face it: those messages are long overdue. America has forgotten who it is, where it's going, and how it got there. It's like America is the protagonist in one of those TV crime shows where a good cop loses his memories in an accident and has to piece them back together while solving a new murder every week. Luckily, America has help from a sexy love interest: Me. I should also mention that this show is on HBO, so you know there's gonna be boobs.

But we have to act now, or this promising drama will go the way of my other great ideas for shows, from "Wolf Attack: The Sitcom" to "Frasier 2." Colbert Super PAC needs YOUR support to make America great again, and I think we both know I'm talking about the kind of support that is green and worth money, because it is money, or an emerald. Both are acceptable.

So I urge you to drop everything and head to Then pick up the credit card you dropped when I told you to drop everything.

Donate now. Donate often. Make a difference. Make a donate.

And together, we'll make a better tomorrow, tomorrow.


Stephen Colbert

Chairman and Dictator for Life, Colbert Super PAC

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