Colbert Super PAC

Dear Colbert Super PAC Members and Membrettes,

I hope you've counted your chickens, because they're about to hatch.

It feels like only yesterday Colbert Super PAC was launching our first in a then-one-part-series of commercials leading up to the Ames Iowa Straw Poll. But here we are, one tomorrow later, and Colbert Super PAC has just released its second in a thus-far-two-part series of commercials in support of Rick Parry.

As we speak, this ad will be running later tonight in Iowa. As a special prize, one random Super Pac Member will get the honor of viewing the commercial early. The lucky winner is: Terrence Chau! If you are Terrence, congratulations! Click here to view the ad before anyone else. If you are not Terrence, please, do not click on that link. We're on an honor system here.

You don't see this kind of advertising every day, although there may or may not be another one tomorrow. We need your continued support to purchase only the finest stock footage of corn and smiling Midwesterners. So please, won't you open your hearts to Colbert SuperPAC? And more importantly, won't you open your wallets, and if necessary, a new line of credit? With your help, we'll get one day closer to Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

Polite Valediction,

Stephen Colbert
President and Last of the Barbary Pirates, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

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