Stephen Colbert Net Worth 2024

Stephen Colbert Net Worth

How Stephen Colbert Built His Net Worth in Year 2024

After announcing retirement the old Late Show host David Letterman in 2014, comedian, celebrity and political commentator Stephen Colbert has been selected to host the long time running show. He had some extra business adventures last year, that has raised Stephen Colbert’s net worth to $82 Million in 2024 substantially.

According to numerous sources and Colbert’s net worth is $82 Million dollars as of the year 2024. Being a Northwestern University graduate he earned his fortune by political news and the talk show hosts love for performance art. Colbert is the the smallest child in his family out of 11 siblings. He had a unfortunate event in his life loosing Colbert’s dad and two of his brothers in a terrible airplane accident at 10 years of age.

how Stephen Colbert net worth became 82 million
How Stephen Colbert net worth became 82 million.

He joined Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe early in his life, after Colbert improvisation classes on campus, which ended up with him appearing in “Comedy Central” as well in “The Daily Show”. With successful shows and acting landed and earned him a spin-off back in 2005. It became Comedy Central’s biggest hit just two years later in 2007. After that he published a book named: I am America (and So Can You!). He hosted his own show “The Colbert Report & Colbert Super Pac” up till it was time to earn his place on “The Late Show.” Also has done voice over work for The Simpsons among other TV shows. With a $82,000,000 million dollar net worth Stephen Colbert sure made a comfortable living as TV Host.

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Stephen Colbert Born: 1964. Birthplace: Washington, D.C. Colbert made front page news when he funded South Carolina public schools with $800,000 dollars as a donation. Being a multiple awards with his recent Emmy nomination in 2016 for Outstanding Variety Special. Colbert isn’t the only wealthy presidential impersonator who makes Trump jokes to make bank. His net worth is impressive compared to other TV hosts and celebs.